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I’ve spoken about a myriad of subjects at universities, festivals, and conferences. The subjects I’ve discussed:

  • Los Angeles Review of Books and the evolving literary scene
  • changes in the publishing landscape
  • rebuilding the publishing industry
  • American literary and cultural history
  • travel and travel writing
  • crying, weeping, lamentations, tearjerkers, and all related phenomena
  • slackers and the history of the work ethic
  • neurasthenia and the history of medicine and psychology
  • the 1920s
  • the novel
  • literary theory
  • contemporary Los Angeles literature

Don’t hesitate to contact me regarding speaking engagements.

Public Presentations

“A Handful of Gravel,” performance with Juan Felipe and others, May 2023

“A Conversation with Percival Everett,” LARB, Los Angeles, February 2023

“Pictures of Places and People,” with Juan Felipe Herrera, February 2023

“A Conversation with Percival Everett,” Writers Week, UC Riverside, February 2023

“Working Conditions of Writers and Critics: Making a Better Shared Ecosystem.” Presidential Panel, Modern Language Association, San Francisco, January 2023

“The Cloud of Unknowing,” Waking Up App, episodes 1–5, December 2022

“Portraits: An Excerpt,” Writers Week, UC Riverside, February 2022

“Four Brief Portraits,” Community of Writers, July 2021

“Adding Value,” LARB Publishing Workshop,” June 2021

“Introduction: J.L. Torres,” LARB, June 2021

“A Conversation: Walter Mosley and Tom Lutz,” Pasadena LitFest, May 2021 (canceled)

“What Is a Public Intellectual?” Yale University, April 2021

“Fixing Narrative,” Community of Writers, March 2021

“One Whole Voice,” conversation with Rita Dove, Joy Harjo, and Juan Felipe Herrera, LARB, February 2021

“Writing for General Audiences,” Yale University, November 2020 15

“Dispatches from the Vanguard,” with editor Patrick A. Howell, and contributors Tori Reid, Tom Lutz, and Mobolaji Olambiwonnu. Skylight Books, August 2020

“Faculty Reading,” Community of Writers, July 2020

“I Read Your Book and….,” with Rex Weiner. Beyond Baroque, July 2020

“Novel Panel,” Community of Writers, July 2020

“Adding Value: Keynote Address,” LARB Publishing Workshop, July 2020

“The Writing Life,” Here’s To Life with Tori Reid, June 2020

“LA Noir,” Pasadena LitFest, May 2020 (canceled)

“Born Slippy,” Bay Area Book Festival, April 2020 (canceled)

“A Conversation with Mike Davis and Jon Wiener,” YouTube Live, April 2020

“Born Slippy,” Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, April 2020 (canceled)

“Publishing and Perishing,” Kubal Lecture at Cal State LA, April 2020 (canceled)

“Born Slippy,” San Diego Book Festival, April 2020 (canceled)

“Los Angeles and Literature,” Santo Tomas University, Manila, Philippines, March 2020 (canceled)

“Born Slippy,” Chevalier’s Bookstore, March 2020

Conversation with Mindy McGinnis on Writer Writer Pants on Fire Podcast, March 2020

Conversation with Jessica Sinsheimer and Julie Kingsley on The Manuscript Academy Podcast, March 2020

Conversation with with Omar Shamout on The Creator State, March 2020

“Tom Lutz,” Guest Authors, March 2020 “Books to Read” with with Chris Royster on IMTM Worldwide Radio, February 2020

Conversation with Koral Dasgupta on iCafe’s Book Lounge, February 2020

“A Conversation with Tom Lutz” with Tony DuShane on Drinks with Tony, February 2020

“Interview – Tom Lutz” with David Serero on The Culture News Podcast, February 2020

“International Author Tom Lutz,” The LizyT Show, February 2020

“Book Reviews,” with Dr. Judith Briles, Author You Podcast, February 2020

“Born Slippy,” with Jon Wiener, TrumpWatch Podcast, January 2020

“Doing Nothing,” Patt Morrison Podcast, LA Times, 2018“Born Slippy,” Inlandia at UCR Arts, March 2020

“A Conversation with Walter Mosley,” Los Angeles February 2020

“Born Slippy,” Writers Week, UCR, February 2020

“Platforms,” Rice University, February 2020

“Born Slippy,” LARB Radio Hour, February 2020

Welcome and Introductions at UCR’s Writers Week, February 2020

“Born Slippy,” Book People, Austin, Texas, February 2020

“Born Slippy,” Green Apple Books, January 2020

“Born Slippy,” with Jon Wiener, TrumpWatch Podcast, January 2020

“Born Slippy,” Skylight Books, January 2020

“Born Slippy,” The Strand, New York, January 2020

“A Conversation with Viet Thanh Nguyen,” Los Angeles, December 2019

“A Conversation with Amitav Ghosh,” LARB Book Club, selections broadcast on LARB Radio Hour, September 2019

“Independent Presses and American Regionalism,” Institute for Contemporary American Literature, SUSI/University of Washington, Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles CA, July 2019

Reading from Born Slippy, Community of Writers, Olympic Valley CA, July 2019

Five Lectures (Opening Remarks, Publishing from Idea to Book, Business Plans, Building Budgets for Multiplatform Media Outlets, Next Steps, Closing Remarks) LARB–­USC Publishing Workshop, USC, July 2019

“Reading Under the Blanket,” Closing Remarks, Community of Writers, Olympic Village, CA, July 2019

“This Storm,” Interview of James Ellroy, Los Angeles, June 2019

Born Slippy,” reading at Skylight Books, April 28, 2019

“Travel Writing and Privilege,” a conversation with Jeffrey Wasserstrom and Eileen Chow, VOH Radio Taiwan, March 2019

“The Global Literary Conversation” The Cheng Shewo Institute, Shih Hsin University, Taipei, Taiwan, March 2019

Welcome and Introductions at UCR’s Writers Week, February 2019

“A Conversation with Ayesha H. Attah and Nana-Ama Danquah,” View Park CA, February 2019

“Talent: A Conversation with Juliet Lapidos,” LARB Book Club, Los Angeles, February 2019

“A Life in Letters: A Conversation with Margaret Atwood,” UCR, Riverside CA, February 2019

“A Conversation with Margaret Atwood,” LARB, Los Angeles CA, February 2019

“Introduction to Ian Rankin,” Los Angeles, January 2019

“Publishing Today: An Insider’s Guide,” Community Literature Initiative, USC, January 2019

“Good Fortune: A Conversation with Seth Greenland,” Chevalier’s Books, November 2018

“Introduction: Jonathan Lethem,” Red Hen Press Annual Gala, Pasadena CA, October 2018

“A Conversation with Laurie Winer and Seth Greenland, LARB Radio Hour, October 2018

“A Conversation with Eric Vuillard and Laurie Winer,” Chevalier’s Books, September 2018

“Editing and Human Relations” and other lectures, LARB/USC Publishing Workshop, University of Southern California, July 2018

“Doing Nothing,” Patt Morrison Podcast, LA Times, 2018

“American Literature in the Global Age,” Institute for Contemporary American Literature, SUSI/University of Washington, Bonaventure Hotel, Los Angeles CA, July, 2018

“Adding Value: What Publishers Do,” and other lectures, LARB/USC Publishing Workshop, University of Southern California, June–July 2018

“The Missing Narrator: A Conversation with Rachel Cusk,” LARB Los Angeles CA, May 2018

“A Conversation with Erwin Chemerinsky,” Pacific Palisades CA, April 2018

“A Conversation with Lynne Tillman,” Los Angeles CA, March 2018

“Gun Love: A Conversation with Jill Clement,” LARB Book Club, Los Angeles CA, March 2018

“Interview with Antonio Damasio and Eric Newman, LARB Radio Hour, February 2018

“A Life in Letters: An Evening with Maxine Hong Kingston,” LARB, Los Angeles CA, February 2018

“A Conversation with Maxine Hong Kingston,” UCR Writers Week, Riverside CA, February 2018

Welcome and Introductions at UCR’s Writers Week, February 2018

“A Conversation with Alan Alda and K.C. Cole,” LARB, Beverly Hills CA, January 2018

“The Future of Publishing,” University of California, San Diego CA, December 2017

“A Conversation with Janet Fitch,” Los Angeles CA, November 2017

“The Future of Publishing,” California State Polytechnic University, Pomona CA, November 2017

“The Changing Publishing Environment,” University of Sydney, Australia, September 2017

“Los Angeles Review of Books in the Age of the Platform,” Institute for Contemporary American Literature, SUSI/University of Louisville, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA, July 2017

“The Paris Review:  A Conversation with Lorin Stein,” Los Angeles, CA, July 2017

“The Facts in Storytelling,” with Janet Fitch, Alex Espinoza, Louis B. Jones, Community of Writers, Olympic Village, CA, July 2017

“Memoir Reading and Panel,” with Belle Boggs and Rachel Howard, Community of Writers, Olympic Village, CA, July 2017

“Literary Journal Roundtable,” with Andrew Tonkovich and Oscar Villalon, Community of Writers, Olympic Village, CA, July 2017

Plenary Lecture, LARB–­USC Publishing Workshop, USC, June 2017

“An Introduction to Frank Gehry,” Pacific Palisades, CA, June 2017

“Beyond Travel Writing,” with Geoff Dyer and Joshua Jelly-Shapiro, Bay Area Book Festival, June 2017

“Travel,” with Bernadette Murphy, Pasadena LitFest, Pasadena CA, May 2017

“A Conversation with Mary Gaitskill,” Los Angeles, CA, May 2017

“Mares Milk and Monkeys,” Glendale Community College, April 2017

“Travel Writing,” Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, April 2017

“Writing for a General Audience,” Faculty Seminar, Indiana University, March 2017

“Interview with Viet Thanh Nguyen,” Los Angeles, March 3, 2017

Welcome and Introductions at UCR’s Writers Week, February 2017

“Boredom,” Humanities Institute, UCR, Palm Desert CA, January 2017

“A Conversation with Lena Dunham,” Pacific Palisades CA, December 2016

“Life in Transit,” The Writer’s Block, Las Vegas NV, December 2016

“Writing and Reviewing,” Black Mountain Institute, UNLV, Las Vegas NV, December 2016

“Regionalist Modernism Beyond the Nation,” Modernist Studies Association, Pasadena CA, November 2016

“Life Writing,” Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, November 2016

“Well Read with Alfie Brown and Tom Lutz,” Hong Kong International Writers Festival, Hong Kong, November 2016

“The Writing Life,” Li Po Chun United World College, Hong Kong, November 2016

“Writing the World,” Hang Seng Management College, Hong Kong, November 2016

“Blogs or Books?” Singapore International School, Hong Kong, November 2016

Interview, Start Making Sense with Jon Wiener, KPFK, Los Angeles CA, November 2016

“Writing and Reviewing: LARB,” Faculty Seminar, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, November 2016

Interview, Radio 3 with Judd Boaz, RTHK, Hong Kong, November 2016

“Travel Writing,” Morningside College Lecture Series, Chinese University, Hong Kong, November 2016

The LARB Radio Hour Live, with Jose Cuellar, Ha Jin, Jade Chang, and Rabih Alameddine, Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, San Francisco CA November 2016

“The Monkey Learned Nothing,” Folio Books, San Francisco CA November 2016

“Drinking Mare’s Milk,” Rudy Maxa’s World, Radio Program, Minneapolis, MN, October 2016

“Little Magazines in America,” Princeton University, October 2016

”Mare’s Milk,” Babycastles, NYC, NY, October 2016

“A Conversation with Ngugi wa Thiong’o,” Pacific Palisades, CA, September 2016

“A Conversation with Nicholson Baker,” LARB Radio Hour, Los Angeles CA, September 2016

“What I Did with My Summer Vacation,” Beyond Baroque, Los Angeles, August 2016

Mare’s Milk Reading, Skylight Books, Los Angeles, July 2016

“Small Magazines in America,” Institute for Contemporary American Literature, University of Louisville, Loyola Marymount University, July 2016

Michael Krasny Show, KQED San Francisco, June 2016

Mare’s Milk Reading at Chevalier’s Books, Los Angeles, June 2016

“Mare’s Milk on the Roof of the World,” at East City Bookshop, Washington DC, June 2016

“Mare’s Milk” at Big Blend Radio, Tucson, Arizona, June 2016

“Fiction: The Road Home,”Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, USC, April 2016

Juan Felipe Herrera with Tom Lutz, ALOUD Series, Los Angeles Public Library, April 2016

LARB, Live at Five (radio show), USC, April 2016

Welcome and Introductions at UCR’s Writers Week, February 2016

Translator Jessica Powell, Vroman’s Bookstore, Pasadena, January 2016

Webinar, “The Book Review Perspective,” Extending Our Brands: How University Presses Can Reach Beyond the Academy, American Association of University Presses, December 2015

The LARB Radio Hour Live with Geoff Dyer, Terry McMillan, and Jonathan Gold, Skylight Books Annex, December 2015

Tom Lutz with Percival Everett, Chevalier’s Books, December 2015

“On Svetlana Alexievich and Belarus,” Start Making Sense: The Nation Podcast with Jon Wiener, December 2015

Facebook Conference. Percival Everett and Tom Lutz. Tom’s Book Club, Los Angeles Review of Books, December 2015

Simon Winchester with Tom Lutz, ALOUD Series, LA Public Library, November 2015

Representing Los Angeles, LA Listens, Lehrer & Associates, Los Angeles, September 2015

Small Magazines, Y Bookstore, Minsk, Belarus, September 2015

Facebook Conference. LARB Book Club: Walter Mosely with Tom Lutz. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TomsBookClub/, August 2015

Laila Lalami with Tom Lutz. Vroman’s Bookstore, Pasadena, August 2015

Walter Mosley with Tom Lutz. Los Angeles, CA, August 2015

“Contemporary Book Reviewing and American Literary History,” Institute for Contemporary American Literature, University of Louisville, Los Angeles, CA, July 2015

Jane Smiley with Tom Lutz, Los Angeles Review of Books, Pacific Palisades, CA, June 2015

“Science Writing,” Pasadena LitFest, Pasadena, CA, May 2015

LARB Quarterly Journal Launch Panel Discussion, Chevalier’s Books, May 2015

“Book Reviewing,” University of Iowa, April 2015

“The End of the Road: Writing Travel,” Iowa Review at Prairie Lights, Iowa City IA, April 2015

Introduction to Norman Lear, Pacific Palisades, CA, April 2015

“Publishing: The Big Picture,” Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, UCLA, April 2015

“Momentum/Inertia,” at Categorically Not, Santa Monica, CA, April 2015

Introductions to Geoff Dyer, Laila Lalami, Claudia Rankine, Mike Davis, Jane Smiley, Juan Felipe Herrera, Mona Simpson, Michelle Huneven, Steph Cha, others, Writers Week, UCR, February 2–6, 2015

A Conversation with Seth Greenland. Los Angeles, CA, February 2015

A Conversation with NoViolet Bulawayo, Pacific Palisades, CA, February 2015

“Los Angeles Literary Culture,” Westwood Rotary Club, January 2015

“The Problem of Open Access,” Stanford Humanities Center, January 2015

Interview, James Ellroy, Emerson College LA, December 6, 2014

Interview, Lisa See, LARB Event, Los Angeles, November 8, 2014

Interview, Matthew Weiner, LARB Event, Los Angeles, August 2, 2014

“My Life on the Mattress,” Matratze/Matrize, Bremen, Germany, May 2014

“The Organization of Knowledge,” LA Institute for the Humanities, USC, April 2014

Interview, Jill Sobule, LARB Event, Los Angeles, April 19, 2014

Welcome and Introductions at UCR’s Writers Week, February 2014

Interview, Krys Lee, LARB Event, Los Angeles, February 1, 2014

Interview, Mona Simpson and Jonathan Gold, LARB Event, December 7, 2013

Interview, T.C. Boyle, LARB Event, Santa Barbara, November 2, 2013

Interview, Kirk Johnson, Levantine Center, Los Angeles, October 20, 2013

Interview, Reza Aslan, LARB Event, Los Angeles, July 24, 2013

“The Transparent Eyeball,” Goddard College, Port Townshend, WA, July 2013

Interview, Antonio Damasio, LARB Event, Los Angeles, June 2013

“The Technological Frontier,” LA Times Festival of Books,” April 2013

“Los Angeles Literature: A Road Guide,” 826 LA, March 2013

“Deviation from the Mean,” Rochester University, April 2013

Welcome and Introductions at UCR’s Writers Week, February 2013

Interview, Michael Tolkin, LARB Event, Los Angeles, April 2012

“Nonfiction on the Road,” New School for Social Research, NY, April 2012

“California Literature,” LA Times Festival of Books, April 2012

Introductions to Jamaica Kincaid, David Shields, Patricia Hampl, Jayne Anne Phillips, Hector Tobar, others, Writers Week UCR, February 4–9, 2012

“Literary Los Angeles,” Hammer Museum, UCLA, December 2011

“The New Media Environment,” Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, December 2011

“The Death of the Book,” Hiram College, Ohio, October 2011

“Say, Pay, or Play: The Modern Book Review,” Crawford Family Forum, October 2011

“Paris Review West,” The Standard, Los Angeles, June 2011

“The End of the Road,” Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities, April 2011

“Publishing: The New Shape of the Book,” LA Times Festival of Books, April 2011

“After the Library,” UCLA, November 2010

“Reading Reading Lolita in Tehran in Tehran,” MCGC, Tehran, Iran, July 2010

Interview, De Groene Amsterdammer, June 2010

“Creating Crises,” invited keynote, University of Kansas, April 2010

Interview, Los Angeles Weekly, People of the Year issue, April 2010

Interview, AARP Magazine, April 2010

“Theory and Writing,” University of Havana, Cuba, March 2010

“Writing in the Age of the Internet,” invited, University of Southern California, March 2010

“The End of the Road,” invited, Los Angeles Institute for the Humanities, USC, November, 2009

“Screenwriting:  Three Lectures,” FUNGLODE, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, March 24, 25, 26, 2009

“Travel Writing:  Odessa,” Rancho Mirage Public Library, March, 2009

“Words, Words, Words,” UC Riverside Writer’s Week, February 2009

“Memoir and Memory,” Santa Monica College, October, 2008

Interview, Backstory, Virginia Public Radio, July 2008

Interview, BBC Live at Five¸23 May 2008

Introduction, John Putch, Rancho Mirage Public Library, 15 May 2008

“Centroamerica,” Los Angeles Times Book Fair, April 2008

Introduction, Juan Felipe, Margaita Luna Robles, Allison Hedge Coke, Rancho Mirage Public Library, 24 January 2008

Introduction, Reza Aslan and Laila Lalami, Rancho Mirage Public Library, 14 February 2008

Introduction, Judith Freeman, Writer’s Week, UCR, 6 February 2008

Interview, Cindy Rakowitz Show, VoiceAmerica Radio, 4 January 2008

Interview, BBC Radio Five Live, 2 January 2008

Interview, Marc Germain Show, KTLK AM, Los Angeles, 25 October 2007

Interview, Toronto 680 News Radio, 25 October 2007

Interview, KGO Radio, San Francisco, 24 October 2007

Conversation with Hal Sloane, Palm Desert Graduate Center, UCR, 22 October 2007

Moderator and convener, panel discussion, “Writing from the Desert” with Susan Straight, Tod Goldberg, Lisa Teasley, Rob Roberge, Gayle Brandeis, and Thom Racina, Rancho Mirage Public Library, Oct 6, 2007

Conversation with Shelly Saltman, Palm Desert Graduate Center, UCR, 19 April 2007

Interview, WNYC, New York, 1 October, 2007

“The Fliegelman Effect,” Stanford University, May 20, 2007

Introduction to readings by Janet Fitch and Michelle Huneven, UC Riverside, 9 May 2007

Conversation with Aimee Liu, Palm Desert Graduate Center, UCR, 6 April 2007

Introduction to Joseph Wambaugh, Rancho Mirage Public Library, 28 March 2007

Introduction to Beckian Fritz Goldberg and Christina Hutchins, Palm Desert Graduate Center, UCR, 13 March 2007

“Method Acting,” invited lecture, Santa Fe Institute, March 3, 2007

Introduction to David St. John and Elena Karina Byrne, Palm Desert Graduate Center, UCR, 20 February 2007

Introduction to Christopher Rice, 10 February 2007

Reading, Writers’ Week, UCR, 7 February 2007

“Hippie Candide,” MPW Program, University of Southern California, February 2007

Interview, “To the Best of Our Knowledge,” Wisconsin Public Radio, 4 February 2007

Introduction to Michael Tolkin, PDGC, UCR, 30 January, 2007

Interview, Patti Gribow Show, CBS TV-2, 25 January 2007

Interview, Desert Cities Business Report, Times-Warner Cable, December 2006

Three Lectures, invited series, University of Alabama, November 28-Dec 1, 2006

Reading, Palm Springs Public Library, 6 November 2006

Interview, Book Talk pilot, Fern Field producer, Border’s Palm Desert, 29 October 2006

Conversation with John Rechy, Palm Desert Graduate Center, UCR, 28 October 2006

Interview, 20/20, ABC, 6 October, 2006

Reading, Prairie Lights Bookstore, 12 September 2006

Interview, “Talk of Iowa,” KSUI, 8 September 2006

Interview, CBS Sunday Morning, 13 August 2006

Interview, “The Business Shrink,” Sirius Radio, 21 July 2006

Interview with T.D. Mischke, KSTP, St. Paul, MN, 11 July 2006

Interview with Bob Smith, “Connection,” WXXI, Rochester, NY, 11 July 2006

Interview, “Freestyle,” CBC Radio, Vancouver, 7 July 2006

Interview, “Michael Koolidge Show,” WRHL, Chicago, 6 July 2006

Interview with Dominic Girard, “The Current,” CBC Toronto, 3 July 2006

Interview with Patt Morrison, KPCC, Pasadena, 3 July 2006

Interview, “Weekday,” KUOW, Seattle, 30 June 2006

Interview, “Weekly World Update,” KSJO Clear Channel, 29 June 2006

Interview with Andrew Geller, KBOO, Portland, OR, 29 June 2006

Interview with Bob Edwards, XM Public Radio, 28 June 2006

Interview with Michael Krasny, KQED, San Francisco, 28 June 2006

Interview with “Your Call with Farai,” KALW, San Francisco, 27 June 2006

Interview with Jeff Schechtman, KVON, San Francisco, 27 June 2006

Interview with Michael Feldman, Whad’Ya’Know, Wisconsin Public Radio, 24 June 2006

Reading and discussion, Elliot Bay, Seattle, 30 June 2006

Reading and discussion, Powells Books, Portland, 29 June 2006

Discussion, San Francisco Writer’s Grotto, host Po Bronson, 27 June 2006

Reading and discussion, Booksmith, San Francisco, 27 June 2006

Interview, with Kate Gale, “Shelf Life,” KPFK Pacifica Radio, Los Angeles, KPFK, 20 June 2006

Interview with David Cruz, “Brian Lehrer Show,” NYC Radio, 16 June 2006

Reading and discussion, Skylight Books, Los Angeles, 14 June 2006

Interview with Kai Ryssdal, “Marketplace, NPR, 14 June 2006

Reading and discussion, Los Angeles Public Library ALOUD series, 7 June 2006; broadcast on LA 36 Live TV; streaming on www.la36.org

Interview, “On Point,” WBUR (NPR), Boston, 30 May 2006

Introduction to Paul Mandelbaum CalArts, 16 March, 2006

“The Job Interview: An Experimental Essay,” invited lecture, California Institute of the Arts, 13 March 2006

“Hardly Working, or Cody on the Couch,” invited lecture, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 6 March 2006

“Drowning in My Own Tears,” invited lecture, University of California Riverside, 27 February 2006

“Cosmopolitanism at Penn State,” invited lecture, Pennsylvania State University, 30 January 2006

Introduction to Joy Nicholson, Betsy Amster, and Elizabeth Bewley, 30 November 2005

Introduction to Jay Babcock, Trinie Dalton, and Daniel Chamberlain, CalArts, 2 November 2005

“Our Knowledge, Their Belief:  Emotion and the Electorate,” Stanford University, 14 October 2005

Introduction to Laila Lalami and Mark Sarvas, 19 October 2005

Introduction to Robert Coover, CalArts, 18 October 2005

Interview, Top Priority, ABC TV News, 17 October 2005

Introduction to Juan Felipe Herrera, CalArts, 12 October 2005

Introduction to Eloise Klein-Healy and Wanda Coleman, CalArts, 5 October 2005

Introduction to David Ulin, CalArts, 28 September 2005

Introduction to M.G. Lord, CalArts, 21 September 2005

“MFA Writing Programs,” invited panel presentation, UCLA Writer’s Fair, Los Angeles, CA, 11 September 2005

Critic in residence, BAU Foundation, Otranto Italy, 8-15 July 2005

“The Art of the Surface,” invited lecture, BAU Foundation, Otranto, Italy, July 2005

“Crocodile Tears,” invited lecture, Workshop on Lying:  Methods, Motives, Contexts, and Consequences, Santa Fe Institute, 1 April 2005

“Cosmopolitan Regionalism,” invited lecture, University of California, Merced, 3

February 3 2005

“Surfaces and Normalcy:  Reading the 1920s,” invited lecture, University of Kentucky, 20 January 2005

“Why They Call it Compassion,” invited lecture, Department of Culture and Technology, University of the Aegean, Lesvos, Greece, 16 December 2004

“Empathy and Idiots:  Web Reactions to the Bush Reelection,” invited lecture, Einstein Forum, Potsdam, Germany, 10 December 2004

“A Four-Handed Conversation with Dave Zollo,” recorded interview about roots music, for The Arts in America:  History, Politics, Practice, Department of American Studies, University of Iowa Art Museum, 10 November 2004; broadcast, KSUI, Iowa City

“Academic and Trade Publishing,” University of Iowa English Department Colloquium, 5 November 2004

Interview, Radio Caracol, Bogota, Colombia, 8 January 2004

“Academic Work Ethics,” Midwest Modern Language Association Conference, Chicago, 7 November 2003

“Literary Empathy,” invited paper, POROI Conference on The Promise of Empathy, University of Iowa, 18 October 2003

Segments, All-Access:  Awesomely Bad Blubbering, VH1, premiere 14 October 2003

“Publishing the Midwest,” invited paper, Midwest University Presses Meeting, Iowa City, 8 September 2003

Interview, Nine to Noon, National Radio, New Zealand, 13 August, 2003

“Catharsis,” invited lecture, Freud Museum, London, 3 June 2003 (excerpt published at http://www.freud.org.uk/cryingtext.html)

Interview, Iowa Talks, KSUI, Iowa City, 14 December 2002

“Crying,” invited presentation, Psychiatry and Internal Medicine Colloquium, University of Iowa, 12 December 2002

Interview, This Morning, CBC, Toronto, 8 December 2002

“Regionalism and Multiculturalism:  Hidden Histories/Present Possibilities,” American Studies Association Conference, Houston, 15 November 2002

“The Midland,” Midwest Modern Language Association Conference, 9 November 2002

“Interdisciplinarity and the Liberal Arts Education,” invited lecture, St. Leo’s University, 5 September 2002

Interview, Epotec:  Behavioral Health Online (http://www.epotec.com) April 2001-June 2002

“The Bloody Crossroads:  A Short History of Literary Value in America,” invited lecture, California Institute of the Arts, 25 April 2002

Interview, Forum KQED, San Francisco, 18 April 2002

Interview, Rocío Méndez, Monitor Radio, Mexico City, 12 March 2002

“The Cosmopolitan Midland,” Midwest Modern Language Association, Cleveland, 3 November 2001

“Placing the First Book,” Midwest Modern Language Association, Cleveland, 2 November 2001

Talk Show, conversation with psychology professor Mark Blumberg, KSUI, Iowa City, 5 October 2001

“Regionalism and Literary Value,” Mellon Seminar on Regionalism, Huntington Library, Pasadena, June 2001

Midas Dekkers’ First Edition (Eerste Druk met Midas), one-hour show devoted to Crying:  The Natural and Cultural History of Tears, ID&Dtv Dutch television, broadcast Nederland 3, 30 March 2001; 22 June 2001

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“Cosmopolitanism and Regionalism,” University of South Carolina, 7 September 2000

“Neurasthenia in the United States,” keynote address, Neurasthenia and Society, Anglo-Dutch-German workshop, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 22 June 2000

Discussion, with John Bell, head of Bell Shakespeare Theater (Sydney) and Louise Newman, MD, Director of the New South Wales Institute of Psychiatry, Life Matters, ABC Radio (Sydney, Australia), 4 April 2000

Interview, Living Well, WAPI, Birmingham, AL, 5 April 2000

“Male Weepies and the Roles of Melodrama,” American Studies Association, Montreal, 29 October 1999

“Male Melodrama,” University of Illinois, Chicago Circle, 26 October 1999

“Cosmopolitanism,” Faculty Seminar, University of South Carolina, September 5-8, 2000

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Reading and discussion, Live from Prairie Lights, WSUI, 13 September 1999

Interview, Bruce Stevens, WTIC, Hartford, 13 September 1999

Interview and discussion, Christopher Lydon, The Connection, syndicated NPR talk show from WBUR, Boston, 13 September 1999

Interview, Todd Mundt Show, syndicated NPR talk show, from WUOM, Ann Arbor, 13 September 1999

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